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Dual Language
Bilingual Spanish
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1201 University Ave
Minneapolis 55413
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7:30am - 2:00 pm
Monday - Friday

Spanish Dual Language Program

Who is dual language programming for?

Our Spanish Dual Language programs strive to have a balanced number of students in each class with a home language of Spanish and a home language of English or another home language. 

 Each student is on their own bilingual journey and our goal is to welcome and honor all students along this journey. Therefore, all students are welcome in our dual-language programs.

What is the program model?

In dual-language programs, a language other than English (LOTE) is used as the vehicle for instruction. In Minneapolis Public Schools, students in our dual language programs spend the majority of their instruction in Spanish (Spanish dual-language programs). They learn to read, write, think mathematically, artistically, and musically while in these languages. As the grade levels increase from kindergarten to fifth grade, more time with English as the vehicle of instruction is added. 

Because our program vision is, "Bilingual learners leading the way for an equitable future," we work to ensure that students have:

  1. Exposure and instruction in both languages of the program daily.

  2. Bilingual classroom teachers, and when possible, bilingual special educators, English Language teachers, and specialists.

  3. When possible, bilingual materials in both languages. (This is more challenging in Hmong than in Spanish, leading to different language policies between our Hmong and Spanish dual-language programs as outlined below.)

  4. An equity-centered curriculum that honors student identity through a curriculum re-design process taking place during the summer of 2020.

  5. A committed community to support them on their bilingual journey, including staff, caregivers, and community stakeholders.

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